Digitalizing business opportunities in the construction market

Imola Tecnica


Can something be extremely functional and very beautiful at the same time? This was the first question to answer when starting work on Imola Tecnica, a company associated with Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola that specialises in designing and building ventilated façades and raised floors. Understanding their business was key to developing a strategy capable of highlighting a series of benefits for the people, environments and landscapes of cities of the future. Creativity was needed to properly express those benefits to the highly discerning audience of engineers, architects, contractors and big building companies.


A single Imola Tecnica project may cost thousands, if not millions, of Euros. That’s why our client needed a marketing strategy with laser precision to position its brand in digital channels. We carried out a deep analysis of the market and its buyer personas and evaluated our client’s benchmarks to define a digital transformation process. This included a complete redesign of their information architecture and UI, closing resource-draining social channels and opening new ones that were better suited to their audience, developing a scalable content marketing framework, and totally repositioning the brand.


As the highlights below show, the strategy succeeded in enhancing the performance of Imola Tecnica’s digital channels. The new website steadily generates visitors, growing by 30% per week on average, with most of the volume deriving from organic searches (60%). The sessions are primarily located in France, Italy and the United States, thus producing a diverse audience of potential customers. A positive trend is also observed on the LinkedIn page, which has seen a strong increase in both visitors and followers, with almost half of the traffic coming from professionals employed in business development units. This creates great potential for generating future leads and new business opportunities.

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