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Yahoo! Eat Alì

The data-driven webseries


With big cities now so multicultural and boundary-free, Yahoo! introduced exclusive, proprietary content to increase traffic to its websites and web TV channels and significantly boost video views. The strategy focused on specific communities of non-Italian citizens, who make up a considerable proportion of Yahoo!’s service users.


The content told the story of integration in Italy from the point of view of a Bengali shop owner. Instead of selling products from his own country to other non-Italians in the community, he set up a shop selling Italian food brands and products in Turin. He named it Eat Alì, after the world-renowned brand Eataly. Months of research and development resulted in a 6-episode web series shot with real people in the shop, shedding light on how Italians deal with foreigners.


Eat Alì was marketed particularly at Bangladeshis, Albanians, Romanians and Ukrainians in Italy, and the addition of subtitles enabled an audience of over 2 million people to enjoy the content. Web traffic also increased from those countries, with viewers eager to learn more about how their fellow countrymen fared in their attempts to integrate. Eat Alì was rewarded with a special star for digital entertainment writing at the 22nd Mediastars awards.

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