G-COM per Credem mutuo casa


Digital advertising, unleashed


Credem’s independent position and thorough understanding of both the private and corporate banking markets means it understands perfectly the subtleties of the digital world and the possibilities they create for its brand. Recognised throughout Italy, Credem has earned an astounding reputation for building client relationships that succeed in the face of market instability. Modernity and emotional impact are therefore key values of the digital revolution which began in 2016 for one of the most reliable banks in Italy by ECB standards.


Overcome client expectations by crafting distinctive digital brand identities and effective digital advertising campaigns, repositioning these key assets using Credem’s renowned and unrivalled service.


This new digital visual communication strengthens Credem’s position at the top of all the charts, providing industry leadership in the age of digital advertising.

illustrazioni credem realizzate in flat design
uomo e donna in magazzino pieno di forme di parmigiano reggiano