un tendaggio pergolato di corradi in un giardino con piscina


Industry 4.0 immersiveness delivered globally


Founded in 1978 and now an international brand, Corradi represents master craftsmanship when it comes to luxury outdoor living spaces. Their varied designs have a marked impact on everyday comfort and have rocketed the brand to the very top of the luxury home market.


Leading immersive filmmakers in Europe were commissioned to carry out a unique shoot for Corradi products. These images were then used to craft an immersive experience focusing on real-world content. The cutting-edge interface was designed around using the gaze to control devices remotely, thus shining a light on the skill, craft and devotion that goes into the making of every Corradi product.


Showrooms worldwide adopted the technology on a large scale to showcase products and the mechanics behind them. From the Netherlands to France and from the Czech Republic to Italy, customers can now walk in and try out the finest outdoor technology using a VR headset and a mobile device.

vista di esperienza 360 da desktop dell'interno di un tendaggio motorizzato di corradi
vista interno visore vr di un tendaggio motorizzato di corradi durante un'esperienza 360 interattiva