Account Executive (Intern)

Why join us?

Working at G-COM means being able to approach strategic, technological and business challenges with fresh eyes, avoiding standard solutions. Our team thrive when faced with new challenges and constantly look to meet clients’ needs, immersed in a data-driven environment in which you collaborate with digital talents.

We’re looking for a young and passionate individual willing to fine-tune his/her skills on nurturing existing client relationships and learning how to match the requirements with the different output options. Tasks will include project conception, deadline setting, execution, campaign reporting, and KPI alignment checks. The nature of the business requires to feel comfortable with client relationship duties, from the start to delivery.

Even if we operate in a fast paced context, we value our time and constantly work to create a balanced environment where life/work time can happily coexist.



  • Capable of internal and external communications with vendors, freelances, suppliers
  • Natural listening and understanding capabilities to be applied to client needs and goals, to help them develop a digital strategy leading to continuous engagement
  • Encourage other colleagues to work in line with required project scope
  • Attend client meetings and manage status/contact reports
  • Effective communication, with attention to detail and accuracy
  • Competencies with finance and planning, to make sure estimates, approvals, POs and invoicing are completed on your projects
  • Highly organised
  • Fluent in italian and english


What we offer
A paid intership agreement with attached a solid list of benefits (i.e Spotify, meals, flextime, job-related courses) for leisure and personal growing. This intership is managed and organized under the italian law n. 148 – 14/9/2011. Please read carefully the requirements, thanks.