Always outnumbered, never outgunned.


Read what we look for, what we aim towards and how you can prepare yourself for entering our team of digital talents.

Even big agencies sometimes make the mistake of confusing quality and quantity, in terms of the service they offer; many executives think growing means increasing in size, but at G-COM we think differently.

Yes, we’re smaller than many famous agencies – they outnumber us. But with laser-like focus, we aim to be among the best at what we do: to us, it’s a matter of quality.

Like everyone else in the world, we once made mistakes when it came to recruiting. But we learned our lesson, and those mistakes won’t be repeated; we know we only want very talented and loyal people in our team, because our work is done with love, not just passion.

We also base what we do on information, data and insights; that’s why we strongly believe that – as human beings – we need to recharge our batteries and give our hearts and minds time in order to keep producing work which is best-in- class. We want to create something beautiful and meaningful, and this requires focused minds and souls. Extra hours are considered an exceptional occurrence during very busy weeks rather than the norm.

We work together as a team, so there is inspiration in the air, and we do something useful, so there is purpose in what we craft.

In turn, we offer a clear and transparent contract, an extremely respectful and meritocratic environment with opportunities for professional development and a variety of benefits that vary depending on role and seniority. These may include training, smart working, free lunches, and reimbursement for some family expenses like school fees, among other things. Don’t forget we’re also based in a city with sparkling inspiration on every corner: Bologna, famous for its ancient university, nightlife and food culture.

We are perfectly aware that our clients mostly base their trust on our ability to put the finest talents to work on their brand. To ensure we can comply with that, we love to meet people who aim high and individuals who believe ‘impossible’ just means that a new path has to be found to reach the destination, not that all paths are closed.

G-COM requires our people to be open to new ideas and to use their imagination to develop creative and effective solutions. We welcome new members to our team if they demonstrate contagious passion and genuine enthusiasm about their role and the positive impact they can have on clients.

As we often invest in the young talents of today to nurture the digital leaders of tomorrow, we look for people who can foster effective teamwork to drive results and positive change and who can help others achieve their goals.

Our people need to be able to adapt to the ever-evolving requirements of both projects and client activity. We need people who are conscientious because they take pride in everything they do; it’s crucial that they are reliable, responsible, well-organised and able to plan ahead.

We will never rest on our laurels (which by the way we’ve received awards for, multiple times); we believe that we are only as good as our next project, and we expect our team to be fully aligned with this approach.

If you think you’re a perfect fit for us, and want to challenge yourself to become part of our team, explore the opportunities we have available. You might be wearing our colours very soon and starting your own inspiring journey.